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"Talent Selection That Transcends Time And Culture"

Leverage Assessments is designing the customized and highly effective employee selection tools of the future.  If you’ve ever used the current tools available, you know the endless problems of low candidate engagement, adverse impact, problems with validity and the ever increasingly low correlation between instruments and job performance.  

The assessments of the future will use technology to simulate the job being tested in an engaging, realistic and environmentally relevant fashion.  This will increase explained variance, increase validity in several different ways, and decrease adverse impact.  In short, we will help place the right employees in the right positions regardless of ethnicity, education level and other variables.  These employees will stay with the organization longer, improving performance in countless ways.  In public service organizations, the impact of an assessment of this type can be global.  If you're looking for a company to help implement new ideas that will help you create a stronger workplace, you've come to the right place.